Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice do you need to make a cake?

We recommend making a booking a minimum of 2 weeks in advance to secure your date. If you have left it a bit late, you can contact us to see if we spaces available, we do sometimes get a quiet a week and can squeeze a last minute booking in.

Why does it take so long to make a cake?

It definitely doesn't take us two weeks to make a cake! However, we do need time to order in sufficient ingredients and prep for the week. Some items also take time to set, such as mermaid tails and surfboards and these are all items we make in store and need to make sure we have enough for your order. As every cake is made from scratch by hand, there are only so many we can fit in each week and some weeks book up very quickly!

Do you make gluten free cakes?

Yes we do! We have delicious gluten free recipes that most people wouldn't know were gluten free. However, our kitchen does contain gluten and we do not have separate equipment. Therefore whilst we have gluten free recipes, we cannot guarantee our products are suitable for everyone. We are happy to chat more if you have further questions but we ask you to consider if this environment will be suitable for your dietary requirements.

Are all your cakes round?

Yes, we only work with round cakes. Due to the number of orders we have each week, it is only possible for us to work with one shape. However, we have a number of different sizes and can incorporate a huge number of themes and styles, just ask!

What is the smallest size cake you have?

The smallest cake we make is a 6 inch round cake, 4 inches high. This is the size you will see most often in our cake window. If you need something smaller, we suggest ordering cupcakes. We can of course go bigger, check out the showstopper we made for Kawana Shoppingworld to celebrate their 40th birthday!

How many people do your cakes serve?

Our smallest cakes serve 10-20 people. If you need a cake for more, let us know and we will suggest a sizer you.